Publications tagged `PRODUCT DESIGN`
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Building RaiseMe Insights from the people building the tool helping students realize their college ambitions. 6
DesignCentered Impact Centered Design 6
theElixir Science and Technology Journal 6
Product Circles I’m Angelina Fomina. Product Manager — Facebook, Oculus VR, Shopify.👇Free product management course 6
Perre Mostly stories about cool digital stuff I had a hand in. 6
The Brand Studio Integrated Creative Agency #adlife #brandlife #Comms 6
Teardown Library The Teardown Library is an archive of disassembled products new and old. We are a community of product designers, engineers, and technologists who want to learn from the work of our peers in a hands-on way. 6
Ben Pham Portfolio Minneapolis Based UX Designer 5
Swope Design Blog Product development and mechanical engineering tidbits 5
The Brigade Design, development, strategy and badass culture. 5
auroradigitalhealth We design and develop thoughtful web and mobile healthcare solutions, accessible to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. 👉 5
Brandfolder Product Team How do great products come to life? Follow and learn how Brandfolder product management, design, and engineering ideate and collaborate. 5
Tangibit Studios Getting technology from lab bench to living room 4
The Everyday Things of Design These are not best practices or instructions for how to design. Just my honest, from the desk experiences of how I spend my day in design, learning, failing, growing along the way with hopefully a nugget of something for you to take away and implement. 4
Mind & Momentum Journaling life, the self and the day-to-day of building fun ideas. 4