Publications tagged `FOOD`
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Clay Pot Clay Pot is an independent journal on food and culture from around the world. 13
Streamplate This is the most sophisticated food-ordering app ever. Welcome to the choices you never had before. This is your table mate. 11
BentoBox Design We believe hospitality begins online 10
On the Road General Travels. Mostly Food. 9
Nice Slice Tech, Mathematics, Life and Pizza. Thoughts, stories and ideas from people trying to make sense of the modern world. 9
Unpopular Health Stories Health information that the pharmaceutical, supplement, medical, and media industries love to ignore. 9
If You Care About Your Ingredients This is my story about the craft of cooking. I live in Colombia so, I am writing in Spanish and English. I am not a writer in either language I am a cook. It may be a little ugly but, it is my attempt at an authentic expression. A work in progress. 7
Thymeforbreakfast Fun Recipes, Baking Tips, and How-To’s with Food Blogger Scott Smith 6
Food MicroShots Get up close and personal with your food! Learn about the food you eat through beautiful microscopic images with added explanations and fun facts of what you are seeing from a food scientist’s perspective. 5
renaissance: Q Discovering what you love, when so much has changed. 5
James Beard Foundation Good food for good™ // 5
50BurgersATL Wading in cholesterol; trying 50 of the best burgers in Atlanta, Georgia. 5
Ruminate Bourbon Bourbon reviews and stories on how to explore the world of bourbon. 5
Freshmade Journal Brand and Packaging Insights for The New Food Revolution 5
eatups A movement for mindful eating. Enjoy food while helping each other make better food choices, for ourselves and for our planet. 5