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Capitol Letters Fiction for the world that makes sense, non-fiction for the world that doesn’t. Immerse yourself. 12
The Silicon Valley Post All about the migrators, establishers and pioneers, The Silicon Valley Post covers the journey of the genius underdog making their way through the world and the challenges involved in the establishment of innovators & tech organizations. 11
mookie's opinions just personal thoughts+logic, backed by facts and an attempt to grasp metaphysics (still a work in progress). mostly politics, economics, sometimes tv & movies. always philosophy. entrepreneur. writer. guest columnist at News Journal/DelawareOnline. College dems, NAACP, UDel alum 10
Erraticus Spontaneous Culture. Emotional Intelligence. Meaningful ideas for emotionally intelligent living. 9
OpenOut Learning about people through their food 9
Of Intellect and Interest This is the Medium extension for the original website Of Intellect and Interest ( founded by John Tuttle in 2017. Here we talk about pop culture, entertainment, science, Catholicism, history, photography, writing, and much more. 8
The Long Game Podcast There’s violence in the streets because Americans have forgotten how to solve problems. 8
ARTSCULTUREBEAT covering arts & culture in NYC 6
National Service Scheme, IIT Roorkee The NSS IITR Publication 6
The Last Samizdat Awaiting the next story 6
The Photojournal. The story of a young maverick in the modern world. 6
Blisticle Finding your bliss through the world’s best lists 6
Find Your Original Stories, insight and opinion on everything Art / Culture / Innovation / Creative. Celebrating creativity in all its forms. 5
The Friday Post Another Indian Muslim blog 5
wrytn Wrytn focuses on Art, Culture, Lifestyle, and Travel through LGBTQ perspectives. 5