Publications tagged `CULTURE`
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Psychobabbling Getting your brain to do what you want it to. 283
tartmag society's burn book 282
Friedman of the Plains A comedian, born in New York, Barry started performing comedy in Tulsa, concluding that while Manhattan was the place to be discovered, Oklahoma had more parking. 278
Asparagus Magazine Asparagus tells the large and small stories of how we can live sustainably, from an environmental, social, and cultural perspective. 269
The Festember Blog The official creative outlet of Festember, the inter college cultural, literary and arts extravaganza of NIT, Trichy. Subscribe to look at the world through a unique looking glass, with our thought-provoking and fun reads. 259
London Literary Review Literary magazine covering the most insightful new fiction and criticism. Based in London but read around the globe. To submit a story or write for LLR get in touch. 250
Mindfully Writing with heart & presence. 235
CMA Thinker Art from another angle: Stories from the Cleveland Museum of Art. 223
Quote of the Week A weekly quote from Hannah Arendt examined through the lens of a scholar. 219
Igniting Innovation Great innovations start with great ideas, and great ideas start with great imaginations. Soap Box Rocket’s collection aims to ignite your imagination toward great innovations. Visit for help igniting your innovations. 214
< BE OUTSTANDING /> Your go-to publication about growth, challenges and opportunities. 194
Thinksheet A magazine of literature, arts, culture, and opinion 194
Bonnie’s Mixed Tape music, travel, fashion, & special finds through the lens of my Southern upbringing during the 80s alternative heydey 183
Airtime Be together with your friends, wherever you are. 181
The Consciousness Column An ecosystem of writers exploring consciousness & culture. 176