Publications tagged `CULTURE`
Name Followers
SoapBox Editorial A branch of SoapBox Productions & Organizing, Editorial seeks to encompass academic and entertainment media to bring about social structural change through the creative narrative. 28
King Tide A Digital Product Studio 26
HENDON For the Culture 25
Inside & Inward Essays and Anecdotes by Maliha 24
Conatus Features Conatus Features hosts opinion pieces on politics, philosophy, religion, culture, science, and other areas, sparking debate and leading the conversation on key issues. 24
Politics, History, Society Insights on our world 24
Deru Kugi Immovable Object 23
12 Songs Project People in the music industry share the 12 songs that impacted their lives. 22
Swish Question yourself 20
What Simon’s Seen Verdicts on the latest film and TV releases every week from blogger and journalist Simon Cocks. Find out what’s worth watching and what you can skip with my reviews of the latest in entertainment, whether it’s something at the cinema or on the small screen at home. 18
Between Taxis The wonderings of two wanderers. 18
iamalaw Society, politics, education, culture, race and pretty much anything else. 14
Caña magazine An independent print magazine about craft beer and its culture. 14
Culture Design “How do we structure work, how do we lead and how do we do culture?” supports and inspires you to develop and design company culture. 14
Where Others Won’t AFL Team Canada head coach Cody Royle explores how businesses can create competitive advantage by adapting strategies already in use in pro sports. 13