Publications tagged `CULTURE`
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Machine Words Essays on Technology and Software Development 542
Your Majesty Strategy-led design and technology for every interface. Publisher of 513
The Collector The aim of this publication is to learn from our history and culture in order to understand the dynamics of politics and improve the current state of movements for feminism, racism, and LGBTQ. 495
stating the obvious a blog from @sippey on technology, media, and culture 483
Base Voices Thoughts on branding, design, and digital. By the people of Base. We create iconic brands. 476
Above the Fold Must-reads from around the web 468
Dans Media Digest A pop culture site focused on Film & TV reviews, opinion pieces, news, and features. 465
A Tribe of One The premiere spot for Survivor history and analysis ranging from Borneo to the current season. 462
Snipette Bits and pieces about anything and everything. Usual topics from unusual perspectives. Information you can understand. We explain things in a storytelling style. Want to write for us? We’re looking for authors so check the homepage for details! 461
Vandal Press Vandal Press is a Web 3 publisher and now official Medium partner publication. 445
Mindfully Writing with heart & presence. 439
UrbanClap Engineering Team, Technology & Data Science behind UrbanClap 419
Logic Magazine Logic Magazine is a print magazine that seeks to deepen our discourse around technology. 414
The Festember Blog The official creative outlet of Festember, the inter college cultural, literary and arts extravaganza of NIT, Trichy. Subscribe to look at the world through a unique looking glass, with our thought-provoking and fun reads. 390
Wikitongues Wikitongues is a non-profit platform for every language in the world. Follow to join our community. 386