Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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This World As We See It Politics Without Dogma 28
Times A Wastin Is a new publication Edited by Arthur Bough. It aims to provide an insight on current events from a Marxist perspective. The name comes from the title of a Northern Soul favourite of the editor from the early 1970’s, by The Fuller Brothers, and sums up the fact of much to do. 27
NONPART NONPART publishes unbiased news surrounding breaking U.S. politics. 25
DigitalAgenda Writing and events about the impact of digital on people, places and business. Technology for a change. The new thing from @julianblake and team. Visit us at 25
mookie's opinions just personal thoughts. mostly politics, economics, sometimes tv & movies. entrepreneur. writer. guest columnist at News Journal/DelawareOnline. Somewhat involved in local politics back in the day. 25
Unpopular Front For the left and loud. 24
EuVisions Tracking the ideas, discourse and politics of social Europe 22
Defending Global Democracy Defending global democracy one post and tweet at a time. 21
Muros Invisibles Muros Invisibles is a journalistic organization focused on Immigration in Latin America and the situation in Venezuela 21
Why We Fight — Blackbird.AI The Fight Against Misinformation has just begun. #WhyWeFight 20
Convershaken Shake up your conversation with commentary and analysis of the biggest news stories 20
Slightly Educated Today’s relevant science, politics, philosophy, and entertainment through the narrow and flawed senses of a pessimisstic primate and recent B.S. graduate. 19
Back To Normal Policy, politics and current events discussion from left and right of center perspectives. From two high school friends from Normal, IL. 17
Busy Bee This political based blog discusses the busyness of the U.S. government, as well as government systems around the world. The purpose of this publication is to educate individuals on topics such as gun control, refugees, mass incarceration, and more. 17
Libertarian-Socialism: American Style Quit the Left/Right War, so you can think more. 17