Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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antiparty @antiparty is not a news source, but a news supplement. Covering, confronting and dismantling the 'best' arguments from both the Left and Right, in an effort to encourage Americans to think critically, especially when it comes to their own Party. 9
The Bee Report The on-going story of our relationship with bees, as told through science, politics, economics, and technology. Plus some science-fueled advocacy. 9
Your Morning Peanuts Taking a trip down the political rabbit hole 9
Powerhouse News Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. We're the powerhouse of your inbox - bringing you a scientific approach to life, and the news. 9
Slightly Educated Today’s relevant science, politics, philosophy, and entertainment through the narrow and flawed senses of a pessimisstic primate and recent B.S. graduate. 9
Verita-serum Truth potion — (mostly) truthful analysis, insights and opinion on wide-ranging societal topics. 9
AP Marvel AP Marvel is a platform for progressive minds from marginalized communities to produce podcasts, essays, videos, and artwork about politics, social issues, and story themes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 8
Innovation in Advocacy Sharing insight into what’s innovative in the ever-changing world of politics, advocacy, and tech. Sponsored by Agency Advisors. 8
Bull Moose Progressive professionals across industries voice informed opinions on topics affecting Americans of all stripes 7
Reem Sabha Thoughts on politics, culture, and more. 6
Universal Credit Sufferer - UK Politics News about UK politics  disability & equality news. 6
Upgrading Democracy An initiative to connect new democratic experiments, reflect on our current systems and develop the new democratic models we need for each different specific context around the world 6
Untimely Meditations Only the untimely become timeless 6
Talkin' Bout Praxis Sports, Theory, and Maybe Other Stuff 6
Future Now Future Now is rebuilding our democracy by fixing state governments. 6