Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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Payoffs 💰 Payoffs | Your hub for all things corruption, sanctions, and illicit finance 4
Birds With Teeth Birds With Teeth is a collective of 4 friends who are interested in thoughtful, helpful, and consensus oriented dialogue. 4
The Burke-Paine Society The Burke-Paine Society is bringing together cross-partisan discussion groups across the nation. 4
Future Now Future Now is rebuilding our democracy by fixing state governments. 4
The Texas Teen A project of the Texas High School Democrats 4
Slightly Educated Today’s relevant science, politics, philosophy, and entertainment through the narrow and flawed senses of a pessimisstic primate and recent B.S. graduate. 4
AP Marvel AP Marvel is a platform for progressive minds from marginalized communities to produce podcasts, essays, videos, and artwork about politics, social issues, and story themes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 3
Mass Forces Media & Culture in the mix. 3
Ideas On Info We are a small, independent website offering information and ideas on the world around us. We aim to produce our content in such a way as to provide a clear divide between what is fact and what is opinion. 3
Upgrading Democracy An initiative to connect new democratic experiments, reflect on our current systems and develop the new democratic models we need for each different specific context around the world 3
The Liberal Standard Viewing the world of politics and culture through a Classical Liberal outlook. 2
Untimely Meditations Only the untimely become timeless 2
humanrights101 Demystifying the state of human rights in Southeast Asia 2
Sword and Shield The World from a Military and Law Enforcement Perspective. 2
Achilles Shield: Redefining Masculinity in the MeToo Era Random Musings from the bleeding edge of Post-Feminism 1