Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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Dunia Thoughts, analysis, and ramblings on emerging tech and media in the developing world. 214
LieCatcher The Lie Catcher collects articles about pernicious lies in the media in order to bring the whole truth to the lies. Our contributors are not just fact checkers, they are truth checkers and must prove their claims. 214
MIT Election Lab The MIT Election & Data Science Lab uses scientific principles to examine how elections are administered. We aim to improve the democratic experience for all U.S. voters, and serve as a bridge to like-minded researchers and practitioners. Visit us at 209
Reason in Revolt Radical perspectives on politics, philosophy, and culture 208
cosgrrrl An alliance of misfits. We battle evil by talking about what we love. 208
The BOC Attacking the truth of liars head-on. Subsribe at 205
Dean’s List Dean’s List publishes information and opinion on politics, culture, the arts and life. Civility is a requirement. We cherish diversity, empathy, honesty, and kindness. 205
That Good You Need Keeping you caught up on what counts. Knowledge about what you don't know, and jokes about what you do. 204
Economism: Bad Economics and the Rise of Inequality A history and analysis of the Economics 101 ideology and its impact on contemporary politics and society, by James Kwak. Available now from Pantheon. 203
The Cynical Report Your guide to dissecting the deception and BS in current events and politics. 201
Liberation Day Bringing the revolution to you. 196
Hindsights The official blog of the Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest at Villanova University 194
Goods & Services An approachable guide to world trade and the global economy 194
Racistocracy Racism governs the United States of America 193
The Sensible Soapbox We strive to produce content that provokes conversation of a political/social nature. Our goal is to increase insight and understanding in our communities. 191