Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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AP Marvel AP Marvel is a platform for progressive minds from marginalized communities to produce podcasts, essays, videos, and artwork about politics, social issues, and story themes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 8
Bull Moose Progressive professionals across industries voice informed opinions on topics affecting Americans of all stripes 7
Untimely Meditations Only the untimely become timeless 7
Talkin' Bout Praxis Sports, Theory, and Maybe Other Stuff 6
Future Now Future Now is rebuilding our democracy by fixing state governments. 6
Universal Credit Sufferer - UK Politics News about UK politics  disability & equality news. 6
#resist! First they came for the Muslims, and we said “not this time, motherf — -ers” 6
Reem Sabha Thoughts on politics, culture, and more. 6
Viewpoint Weekly We publish stories and send our readers a weekly digest to give you new and unique perspectives on politics, history and culture. 6
Upgrading Democracy An initiative to connect new democratic experiments, reflect on our current systems and develop the new democratic models we need for each different specific context around the world 6
Progressive By Design An ongoing conversation on labour and economics 5
Sword and Shield The World from a Military and Law Enforcement Perspective. 5
The Liberal Standard Viewing the world of politics and culture through a Classical Liberal outlook. 5
Payoffs 💰 Payoffs | Your hub for all things corruption, sanctions, and illicit finance 5
Birds With Teeth Birds With Teeth is a collective of 4 friends who are interested in thoughtful, helpful, and consensus oriented dialogue. 5