Publications tagged `POLITICS`
Name Followers
Sword and Shield The World from a Military and Law Enforcement Perspective. 2
The Caucus A politics publication 2
Achilles Shield: Redefining Masculinity in the MeToo Era Random Musings from the bleeding edge of Post-Feminism 1
B Is For Blog The personal blog of B Nguyen Fei 1
Ways and Means Musing from the intersection of politics, policy, and the economy 1
Josh Cowls Writing about the ethics of data and AI; political communication; civic technology; food. 1
A Rough Cut Not Trying to be a Meme 1
Laura Loguercio — What’s Wrong Showing what Italian people don’t talk about — although they should. Info: 1
MICHAEL BASS Student at Brown University. 1
The Bedfordbury Chronicle Weekly serials (literature) and editorials. 1
Nullius in verba Nullius in verba (Latin for “on the word of no one” or “take nobody’s word for it”) is the motto of the Royal Society. 1
Himilo Afrika Small blog by Mandeq Jama focused on African politics and policy 0
The Seer Stone Anthropology + Mormon culture 0
Reform School For the smart kids that sat in the back of the bus. 0
Who is Generation Z? Stay up to date on the latest on Generation Z and politics, the economy, jobs, education, technology, health, and relationships. 0