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MIT Election Lab The MIT Election & Data Science Lab uses scientific principles to examine how elections are administered. We aim to improve the democratic experience for all U.S. voters, and serve as a bridge to like-minded researchers and practitioners. Visit us at 68
Rising Young Minds Millennial Perspectives 66
International Policy Digest User generated news and analysis since 2011. 65
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse U.S. Senator from #RhodeIsland, the Ocean State. 59
Foreword Powerful ideas for a new politics in the digital age | @thefourthgroup's media platform: | Ass. Editor Sofia Galanek | 52
Colloquium Colloquium brings together insightful articles from pre-eminent thinkers around the globe specialising in Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Politics and International Relations. 49
POPVOX Nonpartisan Platform for Civic Engagement and Governing 49
From The Sidelines Commentary, criticism, and collateral damage at the nexus of sports and society. 48
Reason in Revolt Radical perspectives on politics, philosophy, and culture 44
The Phoenix Project Ideas, visions and tools for a new global operating system. 44
A Democracy In Color Racism is a structure that begins within the mind. As poet Keno Evol once said, our words create worlds. Let us use ours, as colored writers worldwide, to create liberation. 43
Re-visioning Religion Re-visioning Religion tries to transform our current understanding of religion and its relation to society. It does so by publishing a series of punkademic articles on the crossroads of religion, mysticism, and socio-political dynamics. 43
GeoMovements GeoMovements is an independent blog about white supremacy and trolls on social media. 39
What We Know A mother and daughter tackle race, social justice, and intergenerational feminism. 39