Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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kubeflow Official Kubeflow Blog. 923
Intuitive Deep Learning We explain cutting-edge deep learning concepts in an intuitive way! Non-technical beginners, students of deep learning and industry professionals can get a gentle introduction into technical concepts without too much math and code to bog you down! 917
USF-Data Science Established in 2016, the Data Institute at USF serves as the umbrella organization for data science research and programming at the University of San Francisco. We offer MS Data Science, BS Data Science and continuing education certificates. 893
Data Science & Design All about Data Science, Machine Learning, and Design. Also, lot of things about Statistics, Data Visualization, Benchmarking, and funny stuff. 850
Engineer Quant Delve into engineering and quantitative analysis 816
Criteo R&D Blog Tech stories from the R&D team 815
DataThings DataThings blog is where we post about our latest machine learning, big data analytics and neural networks experiments. Feel free to visit our website: 814
Modern NLP All the latest techniques in NLP — Natural Language Processing 813
Future Vision A publication centered around high quality storytelling 792
Deep Learning Demystified Simple intuitive explanation of a wide range of Deep Learning concepts from basic to advanced. 787
Omdena Omdena is an innovation platform for building AI solutions to real-world problems through the power of bottom up collaboration. 783
DoiT International Multi-Cloud Engineering Blog. For Engineers. 760
Learning Machine Learning Blog posts for my machine learning and data visualization projects! 755
Veritable Towards human-centered AI. 718
Comet Labs We're a venture capital fund and platform for AI and robotics startups transforming foundational industries. 680