Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
Name Followers Data Scientists must think like an artist when finding a solution, when creating a piece of code.Artists enjoy working on interesting problems, even if there is no obvious answer. 1,127
Data Science Rush Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analytics: books, courses, tutorials. 1,118
Element AI Lab We’ve moved! See our latest content on ! 1,096
The Pythoneers We Share Innovative Stories Related to Python Programming, Machine learning, Data Science, Computer Vision, Automation, Web Scraping, Software Development, and more related to AI. 1,000
Octavian Research into machine learning and reasoning 993
Future Vision A publication centered around high quality storytelling 989
XanaduAI Building quantum computers that are useful and available to people everywhere 972
Above Intelligent™ AI/ML A Publication Focused on the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and the People Behind the Emerging Technologies and the Innovation. 969
Deep Learning Demystified Simple intuitive explanations for everything Deep Learning. From basic concepts to cutting edge advances. 947
Nuro On a mission to better everyday life through robotics. See more at 939
Applied Artificial Intelligence Making knowledge on #appliedAI accessible 925
kubeflow Official Kubeflow Blog. 923
Intuitive Deep Learning We explain cutting-edge deep learning concepts in an intuitive way! Non-technical beginners, students of deep learning and industry professionals can get a gentle introduction into technical concepts without too much math and code to bog you down! 917
Veritable Towards human-centered AI. 859
Data Science & Design All about Data Science, Machine Learning, and Design. Also, lot of things about Statistics, Data Visualization, Benchmarking, and funny stuff. 850