Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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The School of AI (official) World-class AI education for anyone on Earth for free. 340 Let's make the cyberbrain system from Ghost in the Shell 330
HashmapInc Innovative technologists and domain experts helping accelerate the value of Data, Cloud, IIoT/IoT, and AI/ML for the community and our clients by creating smart, flexible and high-value solutions and service offerings that work across industries. 319
Nuro Our mission is to accelerate the benefits of robotics for everyday life. See more at 311
Machine Learning Memoirs Bringing you publications and press releases in machine learning, artificial intelligence and technoogy with simple terminology. 309
eTeam eTeam is a software development company that has significant experience in API security, machine learning apps, CRM development, billing platforms, mobile apps, web design, dev ops, QA, Data science etc. 288
Engineers @ Optimizely Stories from Optimizely's Engineering Team 270
Pit.AI Technologies Solving Intelligence for Investment Management 262
Bethgelab Stories, thoughts and ideas about machine learning and computational neuroscience from the Bethgelab. 249
Paperspace The future of cloud GPUs 234
Tech at Nordstrom We create digitally connected experiences through people and technology. Help us dream about the customer shopping experience of the future. Code your career here: 218
Intuitive Deep Learning We explain cutting-edge deep learning concepts in an intuitive way! Non-technical beginners, students of deep learning and industry professionals can get a gentle introduction into technical concepts without too much math and code to bog you down! 197
Finance for Life BFA specializes in using finance to create solutions for low-income people around the world. We bring deep expertise in customer insights, business strategy, inclusive fintech, policy and ecosystem development to enable the next billions to strive for better lives. 195
Enigma Engineering Enigma links internal data with real world data to bring contextual intelligence to bear on critical decisions. 188